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Tuesday, August 16, 2022

TUV leader calls governments news on protocol ‘Mere words, no action’

Earlier today, Brexit minister Lord Frost said the government would push for the European Union to amend how GB trades with NI.

Revealing a new alternative to the current protocol, Lord Frost said: “These proposals will require significant change to the Northern Ireland Protocol.

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“We do not shy away from that. We believe such change is necessary to deal with the situation we now face.”

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It was also revealed that although an option, the government has decided that at this time, trigging Article 16 would not be suitable.

However, speaking today, TUV leader Jim Allister said: “If what (Her Majesties Government) said today on the Protocol was the ‘good news’ promised by the DUP, through Edwin Poots, then, it is gravely disappointing.

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“Mere words and pleas for realism from belligerent Brussels will change nothing.

“The diversion of trade and societal upheaval caused by the Union-dismantling Protocol more than justifies action under Article 16, but, instead, the government stalls and prevaricates.

“Mere tinkering, like words, will change nothing. The test for any changes going forward remains – does it still leave us in a foreign single market for goods, subject to a foreign customs code, implemented by foreign laws and adjudicated upon by a foreign court. If so, then nothing of importance will change and the constitutional change wrought by the Protocol will not have been reversed.

“With Article 6 of the Act of Union – the cornerstone of the Union – having been repealed, only the binning of the Protocol can and will change that.

“So, my message to the Government today is ‘while you vacillate and procrastinate the Union weakens and the Prime Minister fails in his pledge to maintain the integrity of the United Kingdom.’ And, my message to the unionist people is that we must continue relentless in opposition to the iniquitous Protocol, clear in the knowledge that if we don’t kill the Protocol, it will kill the Union.”

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