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Friday, August 12, 2022

TUV leader ‘sorry’ for David Tweed comments

TUV leader Jim Allister says he is ‘sorry’ for some of the comments he made following the death of former rugby player and ex-TUV Councillor David Tweed,

In a statement Mr Jim Allister said: “I am the least important person in the controversy that has followed the sudden death of David Tweed. It is the family members who matter, all of them, whatever side of the issues they are on.

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“My intention by offering my condolences in the immediate aftermath of Mr Tweed’s passing was to extend my sympathies to those family members who are grieving. In light of misconstruction of my motives and intentions I unequivocally repeat that I and my party never have and never will condone paedophilia in any shape or form, irrespective of where it arises.

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“Mr Tweed’s daughters are clearly hurting. I accept and am sorry that some of my comments, whether as reported or because they could have been better chosen, have added in any way to such hurt.

“I have always and continue to urge anyone with allegations of criminality to go to the police in a timely manner, even when it is very difficult because of familial relationship.”

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