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Useful travel information in the event of a No Deal Brexit

MLA Claire Sugden has shared some useful information from the NI Assembly staff that may be useful to NI residents in the event of a no-deal Brexit.
Ms Sugden posted on her Facebook page earlier ;

“The info already exists publicly, so don’t panic, it’s nothing new – just helpful should you need it. Advice is up to date 29/3 and subject to change.”

Current advice on passport requirements in the event of a no-deal exit from the EU, states that you may need to renew your passport earlier than planned and should have at least 6 months left on your passport from your date of arrival.
Check if your passport meets the requirements
www.passport.service.gov.uk/check-a- passport.
If UK leaves the EU without a deal, the rules for travelling or working in Europe will change after 12 April 2019.
Current advice is that anyone travelling outside the UK should check with the Embassy of the country where they plan to travel for what type of visa, if any, they will need. More info see link👇🏻
www.gov.uk/foreign-travel- advice.
Travel/Health Insurance
If the UK leaves the EU without a deal on 12 April, how you access healthcare abroad will likely change.
The EHIC card, which currently enables you to access the necessary state-provided healthcare in EU countries at a reduced cost, or sometimes for free, will no longer be valid in the event of a no-deal exit.
Current advice is that if you are planning to visit an EU country on or after 12 April 2019, you should have travel insurance so you can get the healthcare treatment you need, just as you would if visiting a non-EU country. See link for more info👇🏻
Other things to consider when travelling in event of a no-deal Brexit are mobile phone roaming charges, use of banks cards etc. See link for details👇🏻
Current advice, until arrangements are agreed, is anyone intending to drive outside the UK may require an International Driving Permit (IDP) and a Green Card from their car insurance provider.
Driving Permit
If you hold a UK or NI driving licence you may need an International Driving Permit (IDP) in addition to your licence to drive in EU or EEA countries. As each EU/EEA country will decide if they require a foreign driver to have an IDP, you may require more than one if you plan to drive in several countries.
IDPs are available from Post Office Branches and cost £5.50. Further info
Green Card
In respect of car insurance, in the event of a no-deal Brexit you may be required to carry proof of insurance, known as a Green Card, to drive legally in the country you are visiting.
Green Cards (which are an international certificate of insurance) and can be obtained from your insurance provider and current advice is that this may take 15 days to a month to process. Any charge for a Green Card will depend on your insurer.
If you hire a car in an EU country after Brexit, a Green Card should not be needed as the insurance that comes with the vehicle from the rental company should provide the necessary cover.
Current advice is that you should NOT require an International Driving Permit after Brexit if you are travelling to the Republic of Ireland (ROI) and hold a UK/NI driving licence.
However, if there is a no-deal Brexit, current advice is that UK/NI drivers WILL require a Green Card when travelling to the ROI.

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