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UUP condem attack on Police Officers house


Press Release
Thursday 18 JUNE 2015

Hussey condemns attempt to murder Police officer in Eglinton

The Ulster Unionist Party’s Policing spokesperson, Ross Hussey MLA, has condemned last night’s incident in which an explosive device was discovered under the car of a Police officer at a house in Eglinton, just outside Londonderry.

Mr Hussey, who sits on the Policing Board, said:
“I unreservedly condemn last night’s incident in Eglinton in which a bomb was placed under the car of a police officer.
“As a result, the safety of local people was endangered, significant disruption was caused and fifteen houses were evacuated.

“This was nothing other than a cowardly act from people who cannot accept democracy; have no concept of the rule of law and prefer to skulk around under cover of darkness in an attempt to cause death and destruction.

“The vast majority of the community in Londonderry, and indeed throughout Northern Ireland, simply want to get on with the business of bringing up their families and living their lives in peace with their neighbours.

“The entire community must support the Police and assist them to root out the gangsters and fascists who seem incapable of original thought and cannot accept that the day of gun law is over. I urge anyone who can assist the Police to rid the community of those who seek to impose their will on society by fear, to come forward immediately and help remove them from our midst.”