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Vehicles stuck at Crabby Hill is an unacceptable daily occurrence- Peacock


Local Sinn Féin Councillor Leanne Peacock has expressed continued frustration at the inaction from Roads Service to address serious safety issues at Crabby Hill on the Townhill Road outside Rasharkin.

Cllr Peacock said, “ I have been lobbying Roads Service for years now to address the serious issues at Crabby Hill outside Rasharkin. There are a number of issues at this location including loose stones frequently falling from the roadside walls and causing hazards to drivers, the blind corner and the narrowing of the road on the hill which does not allow 2 large vehicles to pass.

“I have written to Roads Service again and provided pictures where a lorry and a tractor met on the hill and got stuck, causing tailbacks and seeing cars having to reverse on both sides to enable the vehicles to get to a wider part of the road to pass. This occurs daily, causes hazards for riad users and is totally unacceptable on a Main Road.

“This is a busy road frequented by many large vehicles including agricultural vehicles and HGV’s which cannot pass at the crest of the hill and cannot see each other coming in opposite directions, it is a serious accident waiting to happen.

“It is not good enough that Roads Service have continued to let the work required at this location sit on an indefinite list while the dangers remain for those using this road.

“I have lobbied for many years and will continue to pressure Roads Service to prioritise this work urgently.”