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Tuesday, August 9, 2022

‘Very sad day’ as planners take ‘offence’ to building exterior

Local planners have made the decision to ask local Ballymoney estate agent, Adam McGillan, to change the exterior of their recently renovated building on Church Street.

The building will be fondly remembered by locals as the music box but since the start of this year has been the base for Adam McGillian, second branch, after much investment and refurbishment.

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Speaking about opening a second branch in Ballymoney, the business said;

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“In early 2019 we saw an opening in the Ballymoney market and decided to open our second branch, this was a massive investment for both of us and the support from local people has been unbelievable.”

Now planners have stepped in and asked the business to chance all the exterior of the building as it is not in keeping in an area of ‘historical interest’.

Newly refurbished and updated exterior of Adam McGillan
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This decision has been criticised by the branch stating;

“Unfortunately, our local planners don’t agree. They have taken massive offence at our exterior, having fought tirelessly over the past few months, today we lost the battle. When we say we spent thousands and thousands of pounds renovating a very damp, very tired old building, that is exactly what we did and we are very proud.

“At a time when Church Street and Victoria Street was witnessing an increasing number of vacant units, we invested, those units which were closing are now open and trading with the lights on and has made such a difference to both streets.

“We didn’t go for fluorescent pink lights and flashing neon, instead we were sympathetic and introduced indigenous materials such as stone and wood with back lit signage.”

Referring to what was there before renovations, Adam McGillan have said planners ‘prefer to move backwards rather than forwards’ going on to say;

“It seems that the before pictures are the shape of the future of what is an amazing town with some of the nicest and most welcoming people.”

Previous exterior before renovations.

The business did however reassure its customers that it would remain open, posting on social media that;

“For the avoidance of doubt, we aren’t going anywhere, just a ‘different’ look.”

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