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Sunday, May 22, 2022

Weirdest travel complaints revealed!!

So we’re mid summer holidays (despite the weather some days) and many will be heading off on holidays.
But what do us folk like better that a good holiday? ….A GOOD COMPLAINT!!

Here are some of the weirdest complaints received from holiday makers.

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  • Unbelievable that someone on holiday actually complained that there was fish in the sea.
  • Imagine the shock of the holidays makers who took a trip to India only to find all the restaurants served curry!
  • Spain is full of Brits yes but as you can imagine it also is home to Spanish people but one holiday maker didn’t like that they went to Spain and no one understood English.
  • A trip to a volcano is not everyone’s cup of tea but complaining that a visit to the ticking volcano and not seeing lava…very sure that lava pouring out of it isn’t a good thing!
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So think about the poor sod on the end of the phone or computer that has to read our stupor complains.

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