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Thursday, October 28, 2021

William Blair – TUV

The first of our local council candidate profiles for the Ballymoney DEA with the TUV’s William Blair.

Mr William Blair has been a sitting councillor since 2011 on behalf of the TUV. First in the legacy council of Ballymoney Borough and then in the new super council, Causeway Coast & Glens Borough Council (CCGBC), since 2014.

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William lives in the small village of Bendooragh just outside Ballymoney along with his wife Kay and two out of his five children.

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A painter and decorator by trade, William is a well know figure in the local community of Bendooragh and wider area of Ballymoney. A trustee of the local Community Association and has for many years been involved as a member of the Loyal Orders, serving in the past as a District Master.

William as a long time resident of Ballymoney area has seen the many changes to the town, good and bad, over the years. This put William in a strong position to comment and action the problem areas in the town and champion a strong voice in council on behalf od the Ballymoney electorate.

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William, alongside with party leader Jim Alister, hold a weekly advice clinic in Ballymoney Orange Hall. This lets him hear and deal with first hand the problems which are important to the electorate.

In this election William will be joined by running partner, and fellow Bendooragh resident, John Wilson, in trying to secure two seats for the TUV in the Ballymoney DEA.


In 2011 William stood in the Bann DEA of Ballymoney Boroughs legacy Council, polling 440 1st preference votes (9.0%), finally being elected at the 8th stage, with a final total of 608 votes. This saw the TUV gain a seat from the SDLP and the first time the TUV was represented in Ballymoney Borough Council.

2014 saw the first council elections of the new super councils where Ballymoney Borough was incorporated into Causeway Coast & Glens Borough Council (CCGBC). On this occasion William stood in the Ballymoney DEA and saw his 1st preference votes double from 2011 to 846 with a final total of 1395, elected at the 10th stage.

William had a running partner, Jamise McIlhagga, during the 2014 elections but despite having more 1st preference votes than two other candidates, Jamise was eliminated at stage 9.


Going into this new council term, the TUV has made top of their priorities to as they put it, ‘root out’ squander and provide the best value for money on behalf of the ratepayers.

Other pledges on behalf od the electorate are:

-Policing both visible and effective;

-Maximise local economic developments & jobs;

-Planning, which is fair and sensible;

-Providing support to local communities to ensure their identity is preserved;

-Diligent constituency service and

-As a pro Brexit part, TUV pledge to defend the union against anything which would have it broken or carved up.

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