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Sunday, October 17, 2021

Wreath destroyed at Garvagh Cenotaph – ‘salt on the wounds’

A poppy wreath that was placed at Garvagh Cenotaph on behalf of the Orange Order, has been destroyed overnight.

A PUP spokesperson, Timmy Reid, has spoken about damage to the wreath and the possible culprits.

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Speaking Mr Reid said,

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“Over the last week, a number of flags have been stolen around the town including some peoples property damaged, local community reps have been watching the situation closely as are neighbouring towns which are coming under simalar attacks on their community

“However, last night scum came into the town and preceeded to damage a wreathe that the orange order placed on the war memorial in memory of those of all religions that gave the supreme sacrifice for our country.

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Enough is enough now, no one from our local community wants this, and if it means protecting our properties from these vermin, so be it. We believe this is people from outside of the town with possible links to republican drug dealers in the Coleraine area.”

Referencing the anniversary of an IRA bomb which went off in the town, Mr Reid said,

“To rub salt on the wounds, today marks the 45th anniversary of the ira bomb that ripped through the heart of garvagh, distroying my grandas bar aswell. The community stood firm 45 years ago, and it will still do the same today should republicans come in and try to create tensions and divide.

“I would appeal for any one with any information to come forward and pass it on to local community reps. This has been reported and relevant paperwork filled in as criminal damage and a hate crime with the psni.

“Thanks also goes out to the member of the local community for retrieving the wreathe this morning and passing on relevant information.”

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