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Thursday, October 28, 2021

BBC ‘backtrack’ over pride involvement

A week ago a memo to BBC staff which said that members from BBC Pride would be involved in this years parade wearing branded BBC t-shirts, now seemingly is not the case.

In comments made today, the head of BBC N.I. Peter Johnson, has now said “individual programme brands will not be represented” at the Belfast parade on Saturday.

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‘Backtracking, on his earlier statement a week ago, Mr Johnson did however go on to defend its support for its Pride staff saying,

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“The BBC Pride staff network (a staff-led initiative that operates across the UK) will be taking part in the Belfast Pride Parade along with colleagues, family and friends.

“BBC Pride provides encouragement, friendship, advice and support to staff of all sexualities.

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“It does important work in helping to make the BBC an inclusive and diverse organisation. And we’ve been supportive of the local group and its members.”

It is unclear at this stage why this change of mind by the BBC has occurred.

The leader of the TUV Jim Allister, who spoke out against original decision, has now welcomed the BBC new stance.

Jim Allister said:

“I welcome the fact that the BBC came to its senses on this and recognised that they were totally surrendering their impartiality on the issues so intwined in this parade and therefore have taken the corporate decision they have taken, and backed off and climbed down from something they should never have put themselves in that position.”

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