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Beauty salons & hairdressers to benefit from 100% rate relief for current financial year


Land and Property Services (LPS) , have confirmed that beauty salons & hairdressers will be entitled to one years rate relief.

In response to an enquiry made to the First & Deputy First Ministers by local Councillor John McAuley, the CEO of LPS Ian Snowden replied on behalf of the Finance Minister, writing:

“On 19 May Minister Murphy announced rate relief measures for this financial year which are based on analysis conducted between this Department and the Ulster University’s Economic Policy Centre. Specifically, the rates holiday currently available for all businesses will be extended until 31 July, after which a targeted rate relief scheme will be introduced to support to those sectors identified as being of the greatest need.

“This targeted response will see retail, hospitality. leisure. tourism and childcare businesses and airports benefit from 100% rate relief from the 1 August 2020 to at March 2021, thereby not paying any rates this financial year.

Going on to reply to the specific enquiry from Cllr McAuley regards the beauty and hairdressing sector, Mr Snowden concluded:

“In response to your specific query, Minister Murphy has advised that hairdressers and beauty salons are included within the retail services sector and it is therefore. the intention that they will qualify for this relief.

“The Departmenl is currently developing the Regulations that will provide the precise details of the types of businesses that will qualify for the extended rate relief, which will be laid before the Assembly.”