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Thursday, October 28, 2021

Bloody Sunday Soldier F case begins.

Today will begin the first day of the case against a Bloody Sunday Soldier know as Soldier F, who is accused of killing two individuals on that day in 1972.

The British Soldier, who can’t be named, is accused of killing James Wray and William McKinney as well as four other counts of attempted murder on 30th January 1972, a day that has become known as Bloody Sunday.

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The case listed for 10am this morning at Londonderry Magistrates, BUT will begin it’s first day without the presence of Soldier F, who is now in his sixties, but instead will be represented by his lawyers.

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Todays committal hearing in the Magistrates Court will be to determine if the evidence in the case is enough for the case to go before the Crown Court for a trail.

The former Soldier does not have to attend this first committal hearing as lawyers for the former Soldier expected to challenge the proceedings, but Bloody Sunday families however may still be in court today.

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Last night there was an increased presence of PSNI officers around the Court House in Londonderry ahead of todays events as tensions continue to run high in the City.

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