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Thursday, October 28, 2021

BREAKING: Soldier F not to appear on first day of hearing in Londonderry

It has been revealed that a Solder, given the alias name Soldier F, will NOT appear on the first day of a hearing at Londonderry Magistrates.

The ex-British Soldier could be facing prosecution over two murder on Bloody Sunday, after the PPS ruled in March that there was enough evidence to charge him with the ‘killings’.

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BUT now instead of Soldier F attending the first day of the hearing, due in court next Wednesday (September 18), he will instead be represented by his lawyers.

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There has been widespread condemnation for those who died as a result of bullets fired by British Soldiers on that day, including that of the two individuals – James Wray & William McKinney – who Soldier F is accused of killing, but so to have their been support and anger at the prosecutor of Ex servicemen.

Last month a parade was organised in Ballymoney to remember those involved in Operation Banner, 5o years after it first began.

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The parade, organised by ‘Para Fightback’, also remembers those veterans now facinging prosecution.

This was one of a number of similar parades which took place around Northern Ireland, with many other towns and cities showing support in recent months with the erection of banners.

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