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Tuesday, October 19, 2021

‘Catalogue of abysmal failure and astounding bungling’ says Allister responding to RHI report

The TUV Jim Allister has responded to the findings in the RHI report released today (Friday 13th).

In his statement Mr Allister says:

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“While the Coghlin report deploys neutral language, it is clear that the panel was appalled by much of what they encountered, leading to a key conclusion that Stormont was not fit to manage the RHI scheme.

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“The RHI report confirms a catalogue of abysmal failure and astounding bungling by those who presented themselves, either as ministers, civil servants or SpAds, as competent, specialist and trustworthy. This was squander Made in Stormont.

“By spreading the blame widely some may have escaped the sharper criticism that they deserved. Yet, the question remains ‘will there be consequences for anyone?’

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“In any other jurisdiction it is hard to imagine that heads would not roll. But here, even the concept that the buck stops with the minister when a department spectacularly fails, as DETI did, has become so muted that a preemptive apology seems to do.

“It is actions, not words that count.

“The report is littered with findings which underscore the need for legislation on the functioning of government, such as I am proposing.

“Through the Second Stage vote on my Private Member’s Bill on Monday I hope to separate the wheat of action from the chaff of mere words.”

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