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Friday, February 26, 2021

CCEA 2021 grades to be ‘Centre Determined Grades’

The Education Minister, Peter Weir, has anounced the process by which CCEA will be awarding students their summer grades for 2021.

Making the announcement to the Assembly today, the Minister said there would be ‘Centre Determined Grades’.

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This includes arrangements for GCSE, AS, A level, Occupational Studies and CCEA Entry Level and vocationally related qualifications.

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The Minister will be writing to all schools, colleges, students and parents tomorrow to provide them with further information.

These grades will be ‘based on school professional judgments’, ‘no algorithm’ will be used and there ‘will be an appeals process’.

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A copy of the Minister’s statement is available at:https://bit.ly/2YyovJk

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