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Sunday, June 20, 2021

Chief Constable & PSNI must act to restore unionist confidence: Storey

Calling on the Chief Constable to restore confidence in policing within the Unionist community, North Antrim MLA and Policing Board member Mervyn Storey spoke after what he called ‘failures to apply the rule of law in a fair and even-handed way’.

Mr Storey has said: “DUP North Antrim MLA and Policing Board representative Mervyn Storey has reiterated the need for the Chief Constable and the PSNI to act to restore confidence in policing within the unionist community in light of recent.

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‘‘Sinn Fein often accuse others of undermining the rule of law but stand foursquare behind the IRA’s barbaric terrorist campaign, the release of convicted terrorist prisoners, letters of comfort, Royal pardons and the blatant breach of the Covid regulations for political purposes. Such hypocrisy is staggering.

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“The police engagement gave those from the same republican movement a reasonable excuse from prosecution at the Storey funeral has left unionist confidence in policing in tatters. The process of rebuilding and restoring trust within these communities will not be easy but it must begin now.

“I am pleased that the Chief Constable has said a new engagement plan for Protestant, Unionist and Loyalist communities is being finalised but as always, the devil will be in the detail. There needs to be an unequivocal assurance by the PSNI that those in these communities who feel marginalised and isolated by police actions are afforded the opportunity to have their voice heard and concerns addressed going forward.’’

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