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Sunday, October 17, 2021

Councillor ‘fails to understand’ decisions over MOT cancellations

Councillor McAuley has spoken out this evening about the decision to put MOT checks on hold over the potential faults in car lifts at test centres.

The DUP Councillor believes it hasn’t been ‘thought out with any logic’, going on to comment with his alternative.

“Why do they not just continue on with MOT checks as normal with the exception of the final stage on the lifts.

“And then only issue a temporary MOT certificate to those vehicles that pass the other checks.

“This would then leave the backlog much easier to manage when the lifts are replaced or repaired with only this small section of the test to complete. (At no additional cost to the vehicle owners, apart from their time)

“As it stands, with the current decisions it will take months and cost thousands in labour alone to clear the waiting lists.

“It really is not as big of a disaster as it has been made out to be.”

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