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DfI Considers Switching off All Street Lights to Save Money


The Department for Infrastructure (DfI) in Northern Ireland has proposed plans to switch off all street lights, which could save them approximately £3m in energy payments.

The department stated that this is the only option to make substantial savings and that a partial switch-off is not feasible due to new energy tariffs.

The DfI plans to start decommissioning the lights in October 2023 and the complete switch-off could be introduced by the end of December 2023.

A recent document published by DfI said: “It is estimated that the earliest date a complete switch off could be introduced would be the end of December 2023, which would allow savings in energy payments of approximately £4.5m at current prices up until the end of March 2024,

“This would allow actual savings of £3.1m this year after the cost of implementing the switch off is deducted.

“In order to have the complete network switched off by 1 January 2024, works would need to commence in October 2023 at various locations in each Roads Division and continue until all lights have been decommissioned.

“A complete switch-off of all street lights is the only option which will allow the department to significantly reduce its energy payments during the current year.”

A complete blackout could be implemented from 1 January 2024 to 31 March 2024. The move would have significant drawbacks, including increased fear of crime, compromised road safety, and reduced visibility of tripping hazards for pedestrians.

The DfI is currently consulting on the plan. View the full document HERE.