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Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Employees ‘unaware’ of ‘dire’ situation at WrightBus as bidder confirms talks.

The situation at Ballymena firm Wrighbus may be looking up but are the employees the last to know.

Despite, what one current employee told us was a ‘dire’ situation, the employees seem to know little else with many finding out via the media first.

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We spoke to one long term employee who said;

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“You wouldn’t think that the business was in difficulties but then again why would the employees.

“Most of what us lot have been told has been second hand in the papers and TV.

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“Suppose were only workers after all, not that it affects us or anything! The situation seems dire’ for everyone in the company. ”

Writebus at one time was a thriving company in the North Antrim Area, creating employment for many people.

Several high profile contract over the years including what was know as the ‘Boris’ bus, the red London buses, kept work steady at the company.

That seems to have all changed and the directors of WrightBus sought investors in what it called ‘cash flow problems’ to help maintain its long term existence several months ago.

BUT the recent news coming from firm is not good if all is to be believed, with administration ‘likely’ in weeks if not days if a solution is not found.

This would put around 1400 direct jobs at risk and many more possible in businesses who rely on the firms external work.

HOWEVER the solution may lay closer to home than most people think, with NI businessman Darren Donnelly confirming he’s in talks to buy the business.

Mr Donnelly previously owned a Toome based trailer business which he sold in 2016 for £100m.

A spokesperson for WrightBus Has said;

“Wrightbus is confident about the future of the company.

“It is in the process of reviewing final bids from investors with a view to progressing towards completing a deal.”

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