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Foster and Kearney: Relationship with US will support recovery


A strengthened relationship with the United States will support our economic recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic, First Minister Arlene Foster and Junior Minister Declan Kearney have said.

They were speaking after a meeting with US Special Envoy Mick Mulvaney. First Minister Arlene Foster said: “It was a pleasure to meet Mr Mulvaney for the first time formally in his role as Special Envoy.

“As our biggest international investor, the United States is hugely important to Northern Ireland. They have long since recognised the strength of our people and the value of our skilled workforce.

“Our meeting today afforded the chance to discuss, not just the challenges facing us in Northern Ireland, but the opportunities for trade and investment that will be crucial as we work to rebuild our economy.

“Mr Mulvaney’s interest in the digital economy is particularly relevant to us given our world leading expertise in this sector. I look forward to exploring opportunities to drive investment in this key area.”

Junior Minister Declan Kearney said: “We have a longstanding relationship with the United States and in recent years have been uniquely placed to harness some of the huge potential that offers us.

“This is no doubt a turbulent time globally as we face the shared challenge of responding to, and recovering from, the Covid-19 pandemic. We discussed this issue with the Special Envoy, along with the additional challenges presented by the fast approaching end of the Brexit transition period.

“In this context, we must continue to develop our links with the US to secure further inward investment that will support our economic recovery and create opportunities for our people, and also build on the important support of the US for our peace process.” 

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