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‘HAIR today gone tomorrow’ Stephen Nolan!


BBC TV & Radio broadcaster Stephen Nolan ‘attempted’ to cut his own hair this evening, BUT it didn’t exactly go as planned.

Ordering a hair shaver from the popular shopping site Amazon, after encouragement from the Nolan team to cut is own hair, Stephen unboxed the shaver beginning with a number zero (the lowest and shortest setting!), again on advice from his mates.

After the first stroke, Stephens face said it all as he realising that he may have made a huge mistake. No turning back the broadcaster continued the hair cutting saga as it all went down Live on his Facebook page.

Nolans face says it all as he take a chunk of hair in one swipe withe the shaver.
Nolan did leave much hair after taking a shaver to his head with out in guard.

It wasn’t until there was only a small strip of hair in the centre of his head that he decided to put on one of the, unsuccessful, even tho he had received many comments with advice that was ‘little too late’ from his viewers watching.

Spehen “curesd the day he started it” and said that he “cocked this (his hair) up”.

This might not have been too bad if it was just his BBC Radio Ulster & 5Live programmes he had to worry about, but the presenter is due to front his TV programme. Nolan Live, next Wednesday.

Watch the hair disaster HERE.