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Monday, October 25, 2021

Ian Paisley apologies ‘unreservedly’ to Journalist

North Antrim MP Ian Paisley caused controversy a week ago when he launched an attack on Belfast Newsletter Journalist Sam McBride over an article he had written, but has now seemingly done a ‘U turn’ on his comments.

Mr Paisley has now issued an apology to both the Belfast Newsletter and the article author, political editor Sam McBride.

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In the statement the MP said;

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“I disagreed with Mr. McBride’s analysis completely, and later that day, I published my views on the article.

“Unfortunately, I expressed myself badly, and I now accept that that I should not have accused either Mr. McBride or the News Letter of lying and failing to give an honest, professional, analysis of politics.

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“In addition, I accept that I should not have accused them of having a long term agenda against the DUP, of being part of a campaign to attack the Christian ethos of the DUP, or of hating both the Christian testimony and those who defend the unborn.

In conclusion Mr Paisley finished by saying;

“Finally, I accept that it was wrong of me to describe Mr. McBride as a “despicable and low character”, and to say that those who know him should be thoroughly ashamed of him.

“Having reflected on my comments, I am now happy to apologise unreservedly to Mr. McBride and the News Letter for making these incorrect, intemperate, and statements.”

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