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Thursday, October 28, 2021

‘Irish Language or 275 nurses?’ challenges Jim Allister

The leader of the TUV and North Antrim MLA, Jim Allister put a question to the Health Minister Robin Swann referring to the £11m cost of the Irish language legislation.

Mr Allister posed the question to the Minister on how many nurses £11m would provide?

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A statement by TUV leader read:

“In topical questions to the Health Minister today I established that the £11 million per year cost of the proposed Irish language legislation and related issues could employ no fewer that 275 band five nurses.

“It is nothing short of scandalous that the Executive was established on the basis of priorities which are so obviously out of kilter with the priories of the ordinary man or woman in the street.

“Does Northern Ireland really need Irish language provision more than it needs an additional 275 nurses?”

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