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Tuesday, August 16, 2022

It’s easier with the CovidCert NI App

Getting your official COVID status certificate can benefit you at home and abroad.

Covid certification has been introduced for licensed premises and other designated settings across Northern Ireland.

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The issue of vaccine certification for foreign travel is also back in the headlines, after the announcement that proof of vaccination is now a condition of entry to Spain for UK residents.

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Everyone in NI is encouraged to apply without delay for their Covid certificate, which provides official proof that you have had two doses of an approved vaccine.

There are three stages to the application process for digital certification:

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1) Provide confirmation of your identity by setting up your personal NI Direct account.

2) Apply for the foreign travel Covid certification app for your phone or other mobile device. You don’t need to be travelling abroad anytime soon to apply for this. The app will also automatically renew itself.

3) After you get your foreign travel certificate in the document wallet of the app, click on the button to activate a domestic use certification. This will include taking a selfie pic that will provide photo ID when entering premises (so you won’t ned to bring additional ID).

For more information, see this video guide to the application process or check out NI Direct:

If you cannot apply online, you can request a paper version of vaccine certification using the telephone service 0300 200 7814, available Monday to Sunday from 8.00 am to 8.00 pm.

This process will take longer than the digital process and you will be required to verify your identity in person by presenting documents at an appointed time and location.

Once identity checks have been completed it may take up to 10 working days for the printed certificate to arrive.

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