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More clarity needed on reopening for smaller businesses – Bradley


DUP MLA Maurice Bradley says he has highlighted the need for smaller retailers to reopen with his Executive colleagues.

The East Londonderry MLA says that more clarity is needed for businesses, as the lock down restrictions are further eased this week.

Bradley said: “It is pleasing that our economy is starting to get going again and this is something that is very much needed at this time, however I have been contacted by a number of businesses who are not sure if they can open again or not.

“Some of these businesses can put social distancing, hand hygiene and queuing measures in place quite easily so there would be no risk to customers wishing to visit, however they have been advised against reopening by Council.

“The rules are very ambiguous, how can larger retailers be allowed to open, yet smaller town centre retailers selling the same items cannot open? In my view it is very unfair on smaller retailers who do not have the backing of a big chain.

“I have raised these issues with my colleagues on the Executive and I am hopeful that some clarity will be given this week,” said Bradley.