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Murphy allocates £226.5million including £175million to protect frontline workers


The Executive has agreed further funding allocations of £226.5million following bids from Departments.

Outlining the funding, the Finance Minister said: “These allocations includes £175million to purchase additional PPE. This will bolster supplies and ensure the continued protection of frontline health workers leading the fight against Covid-19.

“Over £15.2million of capital allocations will fund the purchase of medical equipment across cardiology, urology and radiology specialisms, and help procure licenses for digital health technology.

“£27.3million is for the additional student support announced last week, £9million is being allocated to the Forest Service and £42,000 of capital funding for the Commission for Victims and Survivors.”

Commenting on unallocated funding, Minister Murphy added: “I continue to discuss funding flexibility with Treasury and expect to carry forward any further funding provided into 2021-22. However, Treasury have advised this will not include flexibility in relation to the funding received before Christmas. It is therefore important this £200million is now made available for reallocation. 

“I continue to urge Executive Ministers to bring forwards proposals to use available funding, particularly for those who to date haven’t received support.”