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Murphy allocates £74 million including £25 million for health workers


The Executive today agreed further funding allocations of £74 million including £25 million towards the health workers recognition payment.

Announcing the allocations, Finance Minister Conor Murphy said: “The Executive has agreed to provide £25 million to offset the impact of National Insurance and tax deductions to the £500 recognition payment. This will ensure our dedicated health and social care workers, who have been at the forefront of the Covid-19 response, will benefit more fully from the recognition payment. 

“A further £20 million is being allocated for my Department’s Localised Restrictions Support Scheme to continue financial assistance to businesses through the extended restrictions. So far over £180 million has issued to over 13,800 businesses through this scheme. 

“I’m also allocating £0.5 million to provide a retrospective payment to soft play facilities.”

Minister Murphy continued: “I’m providing £10 million to enable the Belfast Harbour Commissioners to access borrowing for investment projects which will generate significant employment opportunities and enhance our capability to attract foreign direct investment.

“I’m also allocating £2.5 million for the A6 Derry to Dungiven and £16 million for NI Water Pension shortfall.”

Minister Murphy continued: “I continue to urge Ministerial colleagues to bring forward proposals as soon as possible, given the pressing need for funding to be allocated before the end of the financial year.