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Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Naomi Long – ‘committed to seeing devolution restored’

The Alliance party is considering the government’s proposals after the release of the draft agreement to get the devolved government working again here in Northern Ireland.

Alliance Leader Naomi Long said:

“We are committed to seeing devolution restored and the formation of an Executive and Assembly that are fit for purpose, sustainable and capable of delivering good government for our people.

“We believe that both a change in attitude and substantive reform of key elements of the workings of the Assembly are necessary to avoid future instability.

“We are now carefully considering the Governments’ proposals to assess the extent to which they progress those objectives.

“We do so in a context where it remains unclear at this time whether the two main parties have both shared understanding of the proposals and a shared commitment to deliver them which would be required for them to have any prospect of success.”

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