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Ní Chuilín releases support for culture, languages, arts and heritage


Communities Minister Carál Ní Chuilín has given the green light for financial support to be released this week to support the creative and heritage sectors.

The Covid support funding will be distributed by Arts Council NI (ACNI), and partner bodies in the heritage and indigenous language sectors.

Full details of the £15.75m will be announced on Wednesday by the Department’s delivery partners:

  • £7.75m will be made available to arts organisations through the Stability and Renewal Programme for Organisations, administered by ACNI
  • £5.5m is being provided for a Heritage Recovery Fund
  • £2.5m will be shared among the Irish Language, Ulster Scots and Sign Language sectors

The aim is to stabilise these sectors and preserve the vibrancy and important benefits delivered by organisations and individuals working in culture, languages, arts and heritage.

It means almost £19m has now been made available by the Department following last week’s announcement of £3m for individual artists.

The Minister said: “I am delighted to be able to release further funding today for the culture, arts, heritage and language sectors.

“Over 1,000 individual artists, which include front-of-house people, craftspeople, technicians, designers, musicians, artists and actors, are already benefitting from the £3m funding that was made available last week and I look forward to hearing what the other sectors do with this next phase of funding in the months ahead.

“It is important that people from all our communities continue to have access to the creative, heritage and arts sectors.

“I am determined that our creative and heritage sectors emerge stronger than ever and that they are fit-for-purpose to take on the huge challenge of helping those who need help the most.”

The Minister added: I will shortly announce how the remaining £10m of the £29m budget will be distributed. This will include further funding for Arts Council to continue to support individuals and an allocation for local councils to ensure that the culture and heritage assets they own and operate are supported. I will also shortly launch calls for new ideas to use culture, language, arts and heritage to animate our communities and spaces, and bring us all a much needed boost.”

Concluding the Minister said: “The Department will shortly begin a process of engagement to develop a culture, arts and heritage strategy. It will guide us all as we champion the value of our culture and heritage, deliver good quality jobs and career opportunities, and ensure identity and diversity are recognised and respected.”