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Tuesday, January 18, 2022

NI filmed Superman prequel ‘Krypton’ gets cancelled

The American series Krypton, filmed in Northern Ireland, has been cancelled after its second series due to a decline in its American viewing figures.

Krypton is a prequel of Superman set on the planet of the same name, following Superman’s grandfather.

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Filmed at the Belfast Harbour Studio, where they were it’s first tenant, the plug has now been pulled on any further series.

Belfast Harbour Studios.
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In America the show is shown on the SyFy network and series one had an average of 1.8m viewers per episode.

BUT in stark comparison series two, which has just finished in America, had an average of just 408,000.

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According to the Belfast Telegraph, the show’s producer and writer Cemeron Welsh, said;

“Unfortunately, the challenge of keeping a show on the air in today’s television landscape- especially a relatively expensive show for a network like SyFy- proved too great.”

Series two begins in the UK on E4 this Wednesday.

Show titles.
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