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Operating Arbacia granted a further 72 hours


The PSNI have provided an update on Operation Arbacia arrests, revealing the have been granted an addition 72-hours to question 9 suspects.

Crime Operations Assistant Chief Constable Barbara Gray said: “Detectives from the Police Service of Northern Irelands Terrorism Investigation Unit have been granted further extensions by the Court to question nine people who were
arrested across Northern Ireland on Tuesday under the Terrorism Act in
connection with an ongoing investigation into the activities of the New IRA.

“The Court granted a further 72 hours detention from 5.00am on Thursday, August 20th for the 7 men and 2 women, aged between 26 and 50 years, who were arrested as part of Operation Arbacia.

“They will remain in Musgrave Serious Crime Suite where they will continue to be questioned on suspicion of a wide range of terrorist activity.”