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Sunday, June 20, 2021

Outdoor dining, takeaways and delivery ONLY in Londonderry & Strabane area

Tighter restrictions are expected to begin next week which will see the hospitality sector in the Londonderry & Strabane area suffer another blow.

Eating establishments (cafes, restaurants, bars and hotels) will only be able to offer outdoor dining, takeouts and delivery under these restrictions for a period expected of a minimum of two weeks.

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Hotels will only be able to offer services to those staying overnight, or those who have booked wedding or funeral teas.

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This decision was taken at the Executives meeting earlier today as a result of the high COVID-19 numbers in the Derry/Strabane area, one of the highest in the UK, in an attempt to reduce the rate of spread.

In addition to the extra localised restrictions on the hospitality sector in the Derry/Strabane area, the First Minister also announced at todays briefing other addition restrictions for the area including no indoor gatherings.

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Also, only individual training can take place at indoor sporting venues with exercise classes not allowed. Spectator at sports fixtures will be banned and museums, galleries and cultural attractions are to remain closed.

However Libraries can remain open but will have to operate a ‘call and collect basis’. Likewise Schools and Education settings will also remain open.

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