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Thursday, January 20, 2022

Plant Fun cleared to reopen following ‘misuse of equipment’

Following on from a statement released by the organisers of Planet Fun on Saturday night in which they said, “at no time did the ride collapse”, a further update has been provided this morning on the incident that saw six people taken to hospital.

In a post on social media, a spokesperson wrote: “Following a preliminary investigation by the Health & safety executive planet fun have been cleared to reopen and it is confirmed the equipment has not got any mechanical defects.

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“We will however be keeping the star flyer closed pending further safety checks and investigation.

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“The incident tonight was caused by misuse of equipment by the behaviour of several teenagers on the attraction and is to be further investigated by the PSNI.

“The swift actions by our staff to terminate the ride prevented further injuries.

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“At this time we cannot comment any further on the incident but would extend our thoughts and best wishes to the people who were injured.”

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