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Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Sir Jeffrey Donaldson confirms DUP leadership candidacy

Sir Jeffrey Donaldson has today confirmed his intentions of putting forward his name for the leadership of the Democratic Unionist Party.

In a statement confirming his intensions, Sir Jeffrey Donaldson said: “It is with optimism for the future and recognition of the challenges facing Northern Ireland that today, I put my name forward for the leadership of the
Democratic Unionist Party.

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“Now, more than ever, we need to unite in the face of the threats posed to Northern Ireland by the protocol. Make no mistake, this is the number one issue facing our country, our people and our place within the United Kingdom.

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“If elected, I will ensure that the Government doesn’t just listen, but recognises the need to take decisive action to deal quickly with the protocol.

“A failure to act will undoubtedly have consequences for the stability of our political institutions and the prosperity of our economy.

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“We need to unite as a Party and take heed of the challenges that Northern Ireland faces.

“We need to restore confidence and faith in our Party and to work with other unionists of a like mind to broaden the appeal of unionism and secure the Union for the future.

“We need to deliver tangible results for the people who have put their faith in us and that also means building bridges across our divided communities and
developing what a shared future means for everyone in Northern Ireland regardless of their background or belief.

“I believe that If I am elected Leader, I can help the Party deliver on these issues and put the Democratic Unionist Party on the path to victory at next year’s

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