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Swann: ‘concrete action needed’


The Health Minister has today at the Executive press briefing said that ‘concrete action is needed’ and that tomorrow will be an important meeting for the Executive, as he will be recommending the ‘tightening (of) restrictions’.

These restrictions may be brought into effect tomorrow by the Executive to reduce the increase in COCID-19 cases throughout Northern Ireland.

Not preempting the Executives decision, the Health Minister said that his Departments recommendations would with be implement these either throughout all of Northern Ireland or they could be specific to more localised region, where the risk of COVID-19 is higher.

“I am confident Ministers will agree with me on the need for action, the figures suggest the time has come that we need to introduce measures to limit contact between people.” said Minister Swann.

“Our case numbers have been rising sharply and so have the percentage of positive tests with more people of an older age are testing positive.

“We know the implications of that for our loved ones.

Mr Swann as took the opportunity to slam conspiracy theorists who he described as ‘keyboard warrior’, instead urging the public not read ‘bogus claims about hoaxes and scaremongering’ in regards to vaccines and face coverings, but instead refer to official information and advice.

“If they were to knock the door of those who have lost a loved one they would quickly realise how selfish they are.”.