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Water cannon deployed in another night of rioting


Yesterday evening the Police deployed a water cannon and dog units in yet another horrible night of violence.

The violence broke out this time mainly on the nationalist Springfield Road area of West Belfast, which saw police attacked with bricks, fireworks and petrol bombs.

Individuals had also gathered on the other side of the peace line at Lanark Way with brick and fireworks were also thrown at police, but not to the extent of the previous evening.

Pictures and videos posted across social media show rioters advance towards police only to be beaten back by the water cannon.

Justice Minister Naomi long Tweeted yesterday evening: “Utterly reckless and depressing to see more violence at interface areas tonight. Violence achieves nothing.

“It brings fear and worry to the doors of local residents who deserve so much better. This needs to stop.”

Six plastic bullets rounds were used on Wednesday night accounting to police with over 50 officers injured since riots began across Northern Ireland.

A statement released on behalf of US President Joe Biden, expressed concern calling for calm, saying: “We are concerned by the violence in Northern Ireland and we join the British, Irish and Northern Irish leaders in their calls for calm.

“We remain steadfast supporters of a secure and prosperous Northern Ireland in which all communities have a voice and enjoy the gains of the hard-won peace.

“We welcome the provisions in both the EU and UK trade and co-operation agreement and the Northern Ireland Protocol which helped protect the gains of the Belfast, Good Friday Agreement.”