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Wet pubs and theatre re-openings further delayed

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The re-opening of indoor pubs (who neither have an outdoor space or offer food), has been delayed due to an increase in ‘transmission rate’.

At the beginning of August the Executive had put in place a date of September 1st for the reopening based on the current situation at that time.

Unfortunately today’s announcement will further delay that date as the current situation and science puts the risk of those gathering in such circumstances high.

Alongside pubs, private members clubs and theatres will also be affected.

In postponing the decision, the NI Executive said: “With the increased transmission rate of the virus in the community and the R number at around 1.3, the Executive agreed that no further restrictions will be lifted at this time.”

“The indicative date of September 1 for the opening of wet pubs, private members’ clubs and audiences returning to theatres has not been ratified by the Executive.”

No new date has been yet been announced.

“Officials have engaged with the different stakeholder bodies and no new indicative dates have been set.” say Executive.