3.7 million Pensioners to LOSE free TV licence entitlment


After a consultation of 190,000 people, the BBC has announced in November last year that 52% were in favour of a reform(37%) or abolishment(15%) to the free TV licence fee for over 75’s, with just under half. (48%) said they were in favour of continuing the free TV licences,

This has led the BBC to the decision that up to 3.7 million of over 75’s will no longer be automatically entitled to a free TV licence, unless they are in receipt of pension credits. This will be the first time since 2000 that pensioners over 75 will have to pay the licence fee.

In a statement, the BBC Chairman Sir David Clementi said that it was:

“A very difficult decision (but) was the fairest option to help the poorest pensioners.”

The new legislation will come into effect as of next June 2020 but at present TV Licensing is advising customers who currently receive a free licence that they don’t need to take any action at this time BUT that on the following month(s) a letter will be sent to all those currently receiving a free TV licence over the age of 75 with information and advice..

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