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Sunday, May 22, 2022

‘Heed the Signs’

Police in Causeway Coast & Glens are taking the opportunity to remind the public about the importance of taking heed of temporary signs and diversions in relation to parades and other events.
Superintendent Jeremy Lindsay explains: “As we approach the summer we are starting to see an increase in the number of band parades taking place across our District. As always we will work with the organisers to ensure minimum disruption is caused to the wider community while the parade is taking place by deploying temporary signage and diversions supported, when appropriate, by officers on duty.
“A signage and coning plan gives road users advance warning that access to some roads are temporarily restricted and clearly marked diversions will ensure they reach their destination.  However the signs only work if people pay attention to them – in the past we have seen drivers ignore or physically move signs and then end up having to turn causing delays and putting themselves and others at risk. The signs are not there as a suggestion but for the safety of the public and we need to make it clear that anyone caught breaching a sign will be ticketed.
“We appreciate that diversions and restrictions can be a hassle but if people pay attention to the signs and factor in extra time for their journey then everyone will get to their destination safely.”

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