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Tuesday, August 9, 2022

JUST IN: Michael Dunlop Racing team withdraws from Armoy

A statement from the team behind MD Racing on Friday morning has said they are withdrawing from the Armoy Road Races this weekend after ‘not being treated on an equal and fair basis’.

Michael Dumlop (33) has had 24 wins at the Armoy Road races, his home circuit, nine of which are consecutive in the ‘Race of Legends’ at the famous race meeting.

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The statement on the team’s Facebook page reads: “All of the MD Racing machines were prepped and ready to take part in Armoy road races this weekend when the team was informed that it was not being treated on an equal and fair basis with some of the other teams taking part in the event.

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“As a result, we have decided to withdraw from the meeting. This decision has been taken reluctantly after so many years of enjoyable and successful racing at Armoy, my home race,

“We can’t explain our level of disappointment with the situation with the club after 10 plus years of commitment to the event.”

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In response, The Armoy Motorcycle Road Racing Club released their own statement.

“The Club is very disappointed that Michael Dunlop and MD Racing will not be attending the Armoy Road Races, particularly when this is his home race. The Club treats all riders fairly and equally, always has done and are saddened that anyone would think otherwise. Riders enter races and withdraw for various reasons which is always disappointing. There will be no further comment on this matter.” said a club spokesperson.

“Today we have a quality field of entrants, and the races goes ahead with roads closed, as scheduled, at 11am. We wish all competitors a safe and enjoyable weekend with us in Armoy.”

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