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Tuesday, October 19, 2021

NW200's Thursday Practice/Qualifying Race Results.

An incredible day of weather made for an excellent day of racing on the first of two days practice/qualifying races ahead of Thursday and Saturdays races.


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Todays 2nd practice station began with the Supertwin practice race, which saw Jeremy McWilliams retire early from the race after coming off the bike early in the race, thankfully unhurt and allowing the race to continue.

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Derek McGee polled the fastest time with 4:58.492 followed by Glen Irwin just over a 100th slower in second and Jamie Coward in third after polling first on Tuesday. Stefano Bonetti in forth and Michael Rutter in fifth.

Local Ballymoney rider Darryl Tweed didn’t qualify on Tuesday and today also failed to qualify so is unlikely to appear on the grid for this evenings 1st Supertwin race.

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The front row grid looks like this for the evenings race; 1Jamie Coward, 2 Micheal Rutter, 3 Derek McGee, 4 Glenn Irwin, 5 Stefano Bonetti and 6 Christian Elkin.


The next practice race up was the Superstock 2nd qualifying race. Tuesday night saw three BMW bikes take the top 3 spots with Peter Hickman 1st followed by Lee Johnston and in third Michael Dunlop.

Today Hickman remained fastest with Irwin moving from sixth position on Tuesday to second. James Hiller was next fastest just over 2 seconds slower than Hickman. Michael Dunlop droped one position but Gian a second from Tuesdays lap time.

The Superstock race did however come to an early finish due to a red flag after Craig Neve came off his bike near Magheraboy Hotel. Neve took a tumble but was able to walk away uninjured. Session stopped due to bales becoming dislodged.

The front row grid looks like this for the evenings race; 1 Peter Hickman, 2 Glenn Irwin, 3 James Hillier, 4 Michael Dunlop, 5 Lee Johnston and 6 Dean Harrison.


This race didn’t get off to a good start and had to be restarted due to a red flag coming up at the approach to Ballysally roundabout. RiderSteven Horne can off his bike and had to be taken to hospital with minor injuries.

Alister should have been the man to beat but after being restarted and the racing getting underway it was all change at the top of the table compared to Tuesdays qualifying race. Lee Johnston moves up to 1st latest from second position on Tuesday.

Dean Harrison up from fifth to second, James Hillier in third keeping his position from Tuesday and Peter Hickman up from sixth to forth.

Alister Seeley who polled first on Tuesday failed to keep up the momentum and fell to sixth with Michael Dunlop also dropping three positions to 7th.

Adding to the earlier red flag before the restart, one and a half minutes before the end another red flag was raised. Due to the late red flag the race need not to be restarted.

The front row grid looks like this for the evenings race; 1 Alastair Seeley, 2 Lee Johnston, 3 Dean Harrison, 4 James Hillier, 5 Peter Hickman and 6 Michael Dunlop.


The difference a days practice racing can make. Glenn Irwin from polling seventh on Tuesday was in much better form coming in first fastest followed by Dean Harrison in second.

Seeley retained his their position with Michael Dunlop dropping one position to forth. Connor cummins in fifth and Lee Johnston sixth.

Michael Rutter who is on the new RCV MotoGP bike , giving it it’s first outing round the NW200 circuit for the first time, came into at seventh. Through the speed trap the bike registered 196.9

New rider to the circuit, Richard Cooper on the Basebuild Suzuki bike polled at 8 for his first time here on the North Coast at the NW200.

The same race saw Glenn Irwin set a new (Unofficial) lap record of 4:21.767, but due to it not being under race conditions it doesn’t stand.

The front row grid looks like this for the evenings race; 1Glenn Irwin, 2 Dean Harrison, 3 Alaistair Seeley, 4Michael Dunlop, 5 Conor Cummins and 6 Lee Johnston.

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