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TT win number 22 for Dunlop


In the opening Supersport, Michael Dunlop has clinched his 22nd Isle of Man TT win.

This marks Michael Dunlop’s 10th triumph in the Supersport category

Taking over the lead during the first lap and widening the gap, Michael Dunlop won the race with a margin of 12.3 seconds ahead of Peter Hickman, who came in second.

At present, the 34-year-old Northern Iteland Road Racer from Bsllymoney, trails four wins behind the record set by his iconic late uncle, Joey Dunlop.

During the final qualifying round, Michael Dunlop broke the unofficial lap record by setting the fastest ever lap around the Mountain Course. The rider secured 135.531mph on his Hawk Racing Honda

This achievement showcased Dunlop’s impressive skills and talent as a racer.