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Saturday, June 25, 2022

9/11 terrorist attacks remembered 20 years on

The terrorist attacks that rocked the heart of America on September 11, 2001, are still remembered 20 years on.

On that day, we saw the single most significant terrorist attack in the world’s history, affecting not just the liberty and freedom of America but indeed had wide-reaching consequences around the world.

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Four planes were hijacked that day, two of which made the way to New York City, where they crashed into the two world trade centres, eventually causing them to collapse.

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Another made its way to the Pentagon – the heart of the defence system in America – crashing into the building, with the final plane crash-landed in Shanksville, Pennsylvania, after a brave but failed attempt by the passengers to overthrow the terrorists on board.

On that single day, the attacks organised and carried out by Al Qaeda killed over 3000 people, 19 of which were the terrorists themselves.

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In response, America and the UK began their war on terrorism by sending troops into Afghan and Iraq. Twenty years later, there has been a mixture of success and failures but at a cost, the cost of many soldiers lives.

Since 2001 there have been many more attacks – thankfully not to the scale of 9/11 – on countries all around the world, including ourselves here in the UK, the murder of soldier Lee Rigby, the 7/7 attacks and more recently, the suicide bombing at the Manchester Arena on the night of an Ariana Grande concert, naming just a few.

Even with our soldiers all but mostly pulled out of these war zone., the fight against terrorism continues both domestically and foreign.

New York has thankfully recovered from the events of that day, but the scars continue to remain. A memorial to those that lost their lives that day replaces where once the two World Trade Centres stood. Just one of many memorials around the world to those that have lost their lives or been affected by terrorism.

Today we remember those that lost their lives on September 11, 2001, and the preceding 20 years. We remember the innocent victims, the emergency services and those who continue to fight and protect our freedom.

Never forget!

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