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Majority of UK adults with problem debt have used ‘buy now pay later’


A new poll today revealed that over half (60 per cent) of UK adults with problem debt have used ‘buy now pay later’ services within the past year to buy items they otherwise wouldn’t have been able to afford.

In addition, most of these people were concerned about how they would meet the repayments for these services (79 per cent). The survey, conducted by Savanta ComRes and commissioned by national debt charity Christians Against Poverty (CAP), runs alongside CAP’s new #BreakFree campaign across the UK, aiming to shed light on the UK’s financial landscape and to signpost people to finding free debt help services. CAP are encouraging those with problem debt and financial worries to engage with their free debt management services, available across the region.

According to the CAP 2021 report, CAP clients in Northern Ireland earn the highest incomes compared to any other UK country, but also owe the highest amount of debt. 77% of total debt makeup is owed to non-priority creditors, for example, credit cards, unsecured loans and overdrafts, which is notably more than the 67% owed by CAP clients across the UK as a whole.

Paul Bailie, CAP Debt Centre Manager in Lisburn said, “Since Covid many people have been preoccupied with their physical rather than their financial health. But their debt still remains and indeed increases and needs to be faced. My message to the people of Lisburn is to confront their debt issues today – it will help their physical health as well. CAP is highly recommended by Martin Lewis, Money Saving Expert, and is a confidential and free service. Take the uncertainty and worry out of your life by phoning 0800 328 0006 and let CAP help you get debt free.”

Christians Against Poverty is a nationally recognised charity that works to help the most vulnerable out of poverty across the UK, including Northern Ireland. The charity offers a free face-to-face debt management service, with advice and ongoing support . CAP tackles the causes of debt and poverty through a range of expert group services: Job Clubs, Life Skills, and the CAP Money Course, which provides financial education across the UK.

Nan Hill, CAP Debt Centre Manager in Finaghy said, “Our local CAP service has walked clients through the debt crisis with support for energy, food, school uniforms whilst recognising how close they were to the edge. Having CAP’s advice is enormously helpful to enable people to make manageable payments and start paying off their debts. ”

Northern Ireland-wide, CAP have 20 Debt Centres and have been actively supporting people out of problem debt for 12 years. Paul Livingstone, Partnership Manager Northern Ireland said, “People using ‘buy now pay later’ finance often do so due to financial pressure and challenging circumstances. We need to help people see the long term implications of this type of borrowing. CAP can help with this financial equipping as well, obviously, as helping with problem debt.”

To get in touch with your local CAP Debt Centre in Northern Ireland please go to https://capuk.org/i-want-help/our-services/cap-debt-help/free-debt-help-in-northern-ireland