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Ballycastle Tennis Complex officially renamed in tribute to local man Alex McFarland


Mayor of Causeway Coast and Glens, Councillor Ivor Wallace has today officially re-named Ballycastle Tennis Complex as the Alex McFarland Tennis Courts.

Cllr Wallace spoke of the dedication Alex had in tending to the courts for almost 50 years and his unique contribution working within local government.

Alex McFarland became synonymous with the courts at the seafront, having started working there in the late 1950s alongside his uncle Andy McGarry, greenkeeper in the tennis courts and bowling grounds. 

He continued with this work until his retirement in the early 2000s, giving 47 years of service to Council.  

Sadly, Alex passed away in 2017. Locals campaigned to have the tennis courts renamed after him, which was brought to the Council chamber and unanimously supported.

The Mayor said: “Alex dedicated his life to the courts, ensuring they were up there with the best on these islands. During almost 50 years of service, he would cut the grass expertly and scatter the worm casts, line the courts, tend to the flowers and put on the very best for the summer tournaments year in and year out.

“Although he never lived to see it, I have no doubt his family and many friends are proud that his legacy will live on proudly with the renaming of the tennis courts.”

A spokesperson for Alex’s family said: “We are delighted that Alex’s memory has been honoured in this way. He gave so much of his life to ensuring that these fantastic facilities could be enjoyed by local people and visitors alike, and we hope people continue to enjoy the courts for many years to come.”