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Ballymoney family ‘fortunes’ change after winning quiz show reboot


A Ballymoney family have been one of the first contestants to take part in the ITV reboot of the classic gameshow – Family Fortunes – which began this evening ( Saturday 20th).

The Foster family, were made up of Mum Louise, her two sons Ben & Andrew and two Daughters Rachel & Abbey.

The Fosters were up against the Haldarvi family, and going into the final round with the Halddarvi 223 to 119 ahead, Louise picked Rachel for the final head-to-head, winning and taking control of the round.

After three incorrect answers the board however was passed to the Haldarvi family to steal the round and the game, BUT thankfully they answered incorrect, sending the Fosters into the final Big Money round with 259 points.

Daughter Rachel Foster alongside Mum Louise previous owned and run Lime Cafe in Ballymoney before the lockdown in March, and speaking to Belfast live recently Rachel said: “It was a fantastic experience having the opportunity for all the family to go over there.”

“We had such a fun day of filming, and of course we all went out partying afterwards.”

Head of the family Louise chose herself and Son Andrew to head into the Big Money round. which requires 5 top answers to walk away with the top prize of £30,000 or at least 200 points to win the £10,000 prize.

Not content with the conciliation prize, between Louise and Andrew, they managed to reveal the top 5 answers in the round taking home the first top prize for £30.000 in the Classic ITV gameshow.

You can catchup on the replay at the ITV website.