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Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Ballymoney’s panic buying begins?

It’s become a common sight over the recent weeks around the Uk, as shop shelves become ravaged in panic buying. BUT has this now reached Ballymoney?

The signs suggest so in one of the towns supermarkets, Tesco’s, as several of its shopping lines are become limited or no stock available at all on the shelves.

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Tesco’s announced last week that they would be limiting the numbers of particular items per customers – something the Ballymoney store have now implemented , with shelf edge signs to that effect up around the store reading:

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Some of the items that are being stocked up by customers ‘panic buying’ ahead of a presumed worsening of the COVID-19 virus situation are:

  • Tinned foods;
  • Pasta, rices & sauces;
  • Medicine;
  • Hand wash;
  • And Toilet rolls.

These are just a few examples of the items that are affect in supermarkets and shops throughout the UK, but the advice from shops are that there is plenty to do around and that there is no need to stock up.

Pasta & Sauses
Pain Medication
Hand & face Wet whites
Ravished shelf of toilet rolls
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