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Coleraine Grammar School new sports pitches


Planning permission has been granted for a new synthetic hockey pitch and four tennis courts at Coleraine Grammar School.

The plans involve the redevelopment of existing grass pitches to provide the hockey pitch and tennis courts. 

This will also include a 3.6m perimeter fence and associated site works, landscaping and parking.

According to the Development Management Officer Report, as the proposal “relates to the improvement of the recreation facilities and the perimeter fence”, it is compliant with planning policy and will not result in “loss to the existing open space”.

It adds: “Though the parkland will be changed to an astro turf material, this is only on part of the vast parklands and views from the public roads are distant.”

Flood lighting was originally included in the proposals but this has been removed “due to the time required to provide adequate reports for Environmental Health to ensure no adverse impact on surrounding properties”.

Meanwhile, a drainage assessment is not necessary as the astro turf is a “permeable surface”.

The report concludes: “Though the use of the fields may increase due to their all-weather capacity, there is separation from the [nearby] residents and County Hall facility. 

“DfI Roads are content that the proposal is using the existing access and have no objection.”