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Friday, August 12, 2022

‘Disgust’ expressed at fly tipping on local country road

A local has expressed their ‘disgust’ at rubbish being fly tipped along the Macfin Road in Ballymoney.

The contents were dumped at the roadside, in what appeared to be the content of a bedroom. One of the items, a toy box, even had the name of it’s owner – ‘Ollie’.

‘Ollies’ Toy Box
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The resident took to social media to highlight the rubbish, posting:

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“I think ‘Ollies’ folks need to come back & take away their rubbish from the Macfin Road, Ballymoney. Just because you’re clearing out or re-decorating to keep busy at this time is no excuse to dump your crap on country roads! Its lazy, ignorant & disgusting.”

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