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Tuesday, August 16, 2022

DUP councillors successful in rescinding motion over sale of Dunluce Centre

Six DUP councillors have this evening at the December full council meeting been successful in their attempts to rescind a motion over the sale of the Dunluce Centre in Portrush.

Having being initially listed as an in committee item to be heard confidentially, the mayor Councillor Richard Holmes decided that the vote would instead be taken outside committee publicly.

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Despite protests from DUPs Alderman George Duddy, the mayor continued with the vote in public.

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Following council securing a buyer for the Dunluce centre in Portrush, UUP Councillor Alderman Norman Hillis put forward a motion on Tuesday, November 22, which was ratified by Council and read:

“That Council does not sell to the preferred bidder, but instead repeat the process, go out to the market for a third time with a view to attracting bids which will enhance the town of Portrush and the entire Borough by bringing a year- round experience which can be enjoyed by local families and families visiting the area”.

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However, not satisfied with the council’s decision not to sell to the preferred buyer and instead relist the property, 6 DUP counsellors put forward their motion to rescind this decision. Those councillors were Alan McLean, Adrian Mcquillian, George Duddy, Philip Anderson, John Finlay and Ivor Wallace.

Following Tuesday evenings vote, councillors voted twenty for, 17 against and one abstention, meaning Alderman Hillis’ motion was rescinded.

As the rescinding motion was carried, the council meeting then went into committee to discuss the item further behind closed doors and in confidence.

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